Taburete mod. 100


Model: 100      Collection: Hostelería

Steel tube structure stool with footrest and integral or upholstered seat. 79cm. height.

See technical sheet


  • Cr Cromado Cromado
  • 2 Negro Epoxy-Poliéster
  • 6 Gris Texturado Epoxy-Poliéster


  • T-520 BALI   T-520
  • T-522 BALI   T-522
  • T-523 BALI   T-523
  • T-524 BALI   T-524
  • T-525 BALI   T-525
  • T-527 BALI   T-527
  • T-528 BALI   T-528
  • T-529 BALI   T-529
  • T-521 BALI   T-521
  • T-030 BALI   T-030
  • T-031 BALI   T-031

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